Session Recording

We have an amazing portfolio of professional musicians and we can provide any singer, instrument or combination of instruments needed for your projects. We have recorded for clients around the globe - see our SOUNDS page for some completed projects and recent client list. Our in-house Engineer, Steve Christie, is a multi-instrumentalist, able to play Piano, keyboards, organs, pianos, bass and drums. On our INSTRUMENT pages you can see what keyboards we have to offer, and you can book a session to have absolutely anything you like recorded on any of these instruments - in any style from Pop to Jazz to Classical to Avant-garde!

Steve has perfect pitch and is able to transcribe music from audio, so no need for music notation or lead sheets if they are not available. Whatever you need for your project, be it replaying instrument parts on real instruments, creating a piano track from scratch, a fantastic sax solo, a string octet played in the style of Bernard Herrmann, or a spooky theremin-like* real Ondioline sound, we can do it!

We are able to record using up to 192kHz sampling rate with our Antelope Audio Preamps and DA/AD Converters.

*Using our custom-built Ondioline Glissando controller

Production and Arranging

Our In-house Producers will help you with your musical ideas. We currently work with selected local Producers who specialise in different genres.

We have a Music Arranging and Transcription service. Vocal coach and Professional Singer, Louisa Revolta, and Steve Christie are skilled and experienced arrangers and transcribers. Please send us an email with your requirements to

Mixing and Mastering

Contact us for a competitive quote for your mixing and mastering needs. We use a combination of digital and analog equipment, including our Neve VR Stereo Channel Strip for Mastering.

We are able to re-amp sounds through most of our vintage equipment, including our Leslie 125/M3 Hybrid and Sharma 3200 speakers, Lowrey DSO-1 Leslie Speaker, VKS Custom Built Stereo Spring Reverb Chamber, Live Echo Chamber and Ambient Spaces (also location recording), Vortexion Tape Delays.

Bands, Singers and Musicians

We can record Bands, Singers and other ensembles either at our studio or on location with our portable Class A Preamps. Our In-house production team is able to assist with songwriting, arranging and producing if required. Please email for more information.