Recording Studio in Southampton, Vintage Keys Studio caters for clients worldwide. Recent clients have included the BBC and Sunbeam Records.

We have 18 Class A Mic Pres - Neve and Antelope Audio

Also a 28 input / 16 group Hill Audio Concept 200 Recording Console with 28 mic pres.

We are able to record any instrument or combination of instruments and voices, and we strive to use the most natural sounding methods as possible, with the least amount of digital processing we can manage. We have amazing Stereo Spring Reverb, a Real Acoustic Echo Chamber, Various Ambient Rooms and a lovely selection of analog compressors, limiters and

echo devices, including a 1960 Vortexion Reel to Reel Tape Recorder and a 1976 Melos Tape Delay Echo Chamber.

For more information and to book a no-obligation meeting, please call Steve on 07530 532767