Louisa Revolta Album Recording with Producer Matt Glasspool

Louisa Revolta Album Recording with Producer Matt Glasspool

by Steve Christie


One of our most recent collaborations has been with Producer, Matt Glasspool. Steve Christie and Louisa Revolta have been recording improvised snippets of music at Vintage Keys Recording Studios, here in Southampton for Matt to forge into finished tracks. Here is one of them which started out as a muck-about in 7/4 played by Steve on the studio Optigan (40s sax sound). Louisa wrote some lyrics and melody and sang the vocals, then Steve came up with a glissando strings figure (playing multilayered violins between his legs as he is more of a cellist than a violinist!?) . We sent it all to Matt and he worked his magic and made this work-in-progress track! We are very much looking forward to making more music this way. It is effortless (Matt works very hard) - we just exude some musical noises and send them to him.

We have almost an entire album recorded this way and Louisa is hoping to release this later in the year.

Matt also collaborated with Steve and Louisa in putting together the Spitfire Sisters’ forthcoming single ‘Love Is Love’.

Steve Christie