Recording Louisa Revolta's Songs For My Granma

Recording Louisa Revolta’s Songs For My Granma

by Steve Christie, co-producer and engineer

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Louisa Revolta booked to record some sessions with a selection of her favourite musicians for this project that was dedicated to her Granma.

All of the tracks were recorded live in our small Studio 1, with a close miked stereo pair of Rode NT1’s on the Leutke Baby Grand and Louisa recorded her vocals live, down the hall in Studio 2.

The drums were recorded with 3 vintage microphones, an AKG D20 on the kick, a D19 bk200 on the snare, and another next to the floor tom, facing the hi-hat. In order to amplify our AKG D20, we use the preamp on our Vortexion 15/4/M mixer which has a 30-50 ohms input impedance.

The double bass was recorded using a DI from the pickup and also a Superlux ribbon mic. We had some basic studio baffles up (actually a couple of hammond organs and a victorian screen on this particular occasion!)

Louisa’s lovely vocal cords were miked up with an SE Electronics X1T Tube mic and fed through our 1958 RCA Orthophonic Preamp LMI 32215.

Mixes were made through a TL Audio Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter, and we used live tape echo from a Melos echo chamber unit, and live stereo spring reverb.

It’s a great album, and featured some fabulous players including:

James Ashdown and Ted Carrasco - Drums

Joe, Pete Maxfield, Julian Ziegler - Bass

John Dickson, Andy Daniels, Paul Francis (and me) - Piano.

Well worth a listen.

I heard there are a limited run of CDs out too if you fancied one…

Steve Christie