Music @ Vintage Keys Recording Studio in Southampton

Here you can listen to some of the music we have been producing recently at Vintage Keys Recording Studio in Southampton For sound samples of our collection of keyboard instruments, please visit the INSTRUMENTS pages

MAY 9th 2019:

One of our most recent collaborations has been with Producer, Matt Glasspool. Steve Christie and Louisa Revolta have been recording improvised snippets of music for Matt to forge into finished tracks. Here is one of them which started out as a muckabout in 7/4 played by Steve on the studio Optigan (40s sax sound). Louisa added wrote some lyrics and sang the vocals, then Steve came up with a glissando strings figure (playing multilayered violins between his legs as he is more of a cellist than a violinist!?) . We sent it all to Matt and he worked his magic and made this work-in-progress track. We have almost an entire album recorded this way, and Louisa is hoping to release this later in the year.

MAY 2019:

Over the past few months we have had some very interesting people in the studio, creating some fabulous music. Here is a short ‘showreel’ featuring some snippets of tracks we have recorded here. Tracks include ‘Heaven Was Made To Be’ by Don Shinn - recorded in a style similar to late ‘60s Lansdowne studios productions for a forthcoming reissue series by Sunbeam Records, ‘Dazey Hills Theme’ and a Fender Rhodes and Godwin String Concert piece, both composed and performed by our in-house composer/performer/engineer Steve Christie and ‘Quando M’en Vo’ by Lianne Birkett (opera singer.) Lianne’s superb, powerful vocal was recorded in our Studio 2 room, using a stereo pair 6 feet away, and a spot mic 1 foot away. We utilised the room’s natural sound, and also added a touch of our custom-built stereo spring reverb.


Stuart Rawlinson - Liminal

Australian-based composer, Stuart Rawlinson’s brilliant, ethereal album. Featuring Steve Christie playing Steinway A Grand Piano.

Hannah Castleman - Wild (EP)

Recorded in 2016/17 - Hannah’s debut release featuring all-original songs, written in-house by Hannah,Steve Christie and Louisa Revolta. Recorded with our own session musicians.

Louisa Revolta - Songs For My Granma

Jazz Singer, Louisa’s debut solo album, recorded with 4 different jazz lineups, for the most part, live here in the main studio. Louisa’s voice and sax were processed using our newly overhauled RCA Orthophonic Preamp LMI 32215. Our Leutke Baby Grand was used throughout.

Ebube Chiana - Fear No More

Ebube Chiana recorded his vocal tracks and Steve played Pipe Organ. Recorded at Vintage Keys Studio in 2017.

The Goose and The Crow

A dark and myserious duo who’s occasionally filthy songs and music really resonated throughout Vintage Keys. They used our Harpsichord, Lowrey DSO-1 Heritage Deluxe, Wind Machine, Leutke Baby Grand, RS Stevens Harmonium, Ondioline (on ‘School Run’) and also a large pipe organ on location at a local church. Produced and largely written in-house for them by Steve Christie and Louisa Revolta. Listen at your peril…

The Spitfire Sisters - Put Your Phone Away

Recorded in 2015 at Vintage Keys Studio. Produced by Louisa Revolta and Steve Christie. Engineered and Mixed by Steve Christie, and Mastered on our Studer B67 Tape Recorder. All original songs,written and arranged in-house.

Clients from the past 12 months:

Don Shinn - Prog Organist (New recordings for forthcoming 2019 Sunbeam Records reissues)

Patchbanks Sample Library, Canada (Session Tracks)

Sampling Projects with US Sound Engineer/Film Maker, Michael Vecchio

The Spitfire Sisters (Jazz/Pop Vocal Trio with 11 piece band) - Music Production, Arranging, Composing and Recording. Also ‘The Spitfire Sisters Podcast’ recording.

The John Dickson Trio (Jazz Piano, Double Bass and Drums recording)

Lianne Birkett - Opera Singer (Stereo Ambient recording for her album)

Revbjelde / Buried Treasure Records (Ondioline and Hammond tracks)

John Perkins / Ceratopia Books - Georgy The Goat Audiobook

Amy Gilbert - Singer - Ongoing Piano recordings for forthcoming album.

Bespoke Christmas Track for Scottish Parliament

The Dazey Hills Company - Music Composed and Recorded by Steve Christie for their promo and a short film

The Goose and the Crow - Comedy cabaret duo

Discarded Nut Theatre - Sound Design, Music and Voice Recordings

Stuart Rawlinson - Australian based Composer

Louisa Revolta - Jazz Singer and Composer

Ani K - Jazz Singer and Songwriter

Hannah Castleman - Singer and Songwriter

Abi Piper - Jazz Singer

Sheida Kiran - Jazz Singer

Mollie Russell - Poet

Dolly Dolly - Poet, Sound Designer, Humorist and Artist

Heroes Of The Modern World - Band - Recording 3 Track EP

Collaborations with Producer, Matt Glasspool

Chalet Smith - Singer/Songwriter