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Vintage Keyboard Recording

Steinway Piano Recording on our Steinway A Grand Piano - many different microphone types and recording techniques available

Vintage Keyboard Recording

Unlike most modern computer/sample-based reproductions of vintage synths, actually having access to the real deal is quite a rarity nowadays.   The beauty of synths like the Ondioline, Clavioline and Univox is that their insides get hot and the temperature affects the tuning a little, and gives it that little bit more character than a uniformly sampled, A440 re-tuned sample library.  You get the distant background hum, a little bit of hiss and tube crackle which all (in very small amounts!) adds character and warmth to any recording.  Did you know, for instance, that there is a control pot on the back of the Ondioline for tuning in the octave divider that sounds like some David Bowie Low-era synth effects? 

For ease of recording, most of our vintage keyboards have had DI line outs fitted, so we are able to mic them up and take a direct feed which adds clarity and more control.  Our Ondioline, after a modification (with help from sound engineer Michael Vecchio) is also capable of outputting three octaves at the SAME TIME on DIFFERENT AUDIO CHANNELS! 

See our organs and vintage synths section on our Museum page for more information on all of the instruments we have available to use. 

Our vast collection of keyboards can be put to good use and interact with each other very well. Our 1956 Georges Jenny Ondioline is an instrument in its own right, but has been modified to be able to receive the input from other keyboards and sound sources. This enables the sounds to run through the Ondioline's clever filter circuitry and then through its delicious tube amp!

Our other tube driven keyboards all have similarly good sounds and great amps that can be used by more modern instruments.  Our Godwin SC749 string concert sounds great as a DI instrument, but even better when run through the internal amplifier of our Hammond M102 Organ and Leslie cab.  

We also have smaller leslie speakers inside both of our Lowrey organs which enable us to achieve similar effects to some of the Beatles' recordings (e.g. Blue Jay Way vocals).  Our Lowrey TLO-R from 1969 has an incredible wah wah pedal effect, which in combination with the leslie can produce some quite interesting other-worldly sounds.  You will never have this much fun with a VST or Kontakt instrument!

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