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Our facilities and recording equipment

Studio Facilities


We have comfortable live rooms with two Grand Pianos, a vast collection of vintage keyboards, 20 Channel Recording, Mixing and Mastering facilities with Neve VR mic preamps, EQ and Compressor/Limiters, Top notch Antelope Audio preamps and Analog to Digital Converters, including use of a Live Acoustic Echo Chamber for mixing and completely movable acoustic treatments for the rooms. 

The studio is run by Producer/Engineer/Session Musician Steve Christie, who was trained at Air Studios, London.

We do a wealth of work for clients around the world, providing recordings for sample libraries, as well as multi-mic piano and keyboard recordings for multitrack insertion. All recorded with crystal clear clarity on our Neve and Antelope Audio preamps and converters. 

Absolutely any music in any style is possible as Steve is a versatile musician with perfect pitch, and able to transcribe even the most complex of harmonies from any recording. 

We have fully working of many examples of extremely rare instruments, including a 1956 Georges Jenny Ondioline.

We also have access to a local church hall (with double manual pipe organ) and beautiful acoustics. See here for our Location Recording service.

Here at Vintage Keys we have one main live room [12' x 6'] which also includes the control room area, with two extra rooms for drum, vocal and guitar amp isolation if required. 16 channel Allen and Heath mixing  (plus vintage valve Vortextion and RCA preamps/mixers, and Focusrite preamps) and recording facilities utilising Cubase or Logic Pro, with full analog 'hands on' EQ and inserts for outboard equipment. Our main room also contains our Leutke Grand (tuned to concert A=440), a 1964 'Drum Mate' (TAMA) kit with 1950s cymbals, a Hammond M102 with Leslie 125/122 hybrid (all tube) with a selection of modern large diaphragm condensors and vintage AKG dynamic mics including D19c's and a lovely 1956 D20. The Steinway grand piano room is down the hallway, with remote foldback to the main studio. 

We have access to a live echo chamber that can be used for mixdown, and also a vintage stereo spring reverb. Other outboard equipment includes a 1970s Melos Tape Echo Chamber, Ondioline filters, and DI Leslie speakers (in our Lowrey organs and Leslie cab).

Amongst the frequently changing and growing collection of instruments are a 1930s German blonde double bass, and an incredibly rare Ondioline synth from 1956, one of 26 left working in the entire world, lovingly and painstakingly restored by our engineer Steve Christie. See our instruments pages for more information.



Neve VR Mic Preamps and Channel Strips with EQ and Compressor/Limiters

Antelope Audio Preamps and A/D Converters

Allen & Heath 16 Channel Fully integrated analog to digital Console

Vortexion 4/15/M Valve Mic Preamp/Mixer

RCA Orthophonic Preamp LMI 32215

TL Audio Dual Valve/Tube Compressors

Various outboard compressor/gates

Custom Stereo Spring Reverb  

Bespoke Filters and EQ boxes

2 Channel Graphic EQ

Melos Echo Chamber (Tape cartridge)

Assorted extra mixers (Vintage TEAC, Tascam and RCA)

AKAI SO1 Mono Sampler

AKAI S3000 Sampler

Roland U110 Module



AKG D19C x2

AKG D190 x3


RODE NT1 (1st issue) x 2


SE Electronics SE X1T Tube


SE X1 Condensor

MXL Condensor

Behringer, MXL and Shure mics.

Realistic PZM (x3)



Steinway A Grand Piano (1911)

Leutke Grand Piano (1925)

John Reynolds Catch Single Manual Harpsichord (1942)

Fender Rhodes Seventy Three Mark I Electric Piano (1977)

Lowrey Heritage Deluxe DSO-1 Organ (1965)

Hammond M 102 Organ (1967)

Hammond L100 Organ, modded with Jon Lord style overdrive! (1966)

Leslie 125 modded into a 122 with horns - Valve amp (1972)

Hammond C3 Organ (1970) /  2 x PR40s and Leslie 716 - kept offsite

Georges Jenny Ondioline with custom built portamento control (1956)

Optigan 35001 - Stereo with Spring Reverb (1970) - with 8 Discs including 'Rolling Easy', 'Barnam's Big Top' (with Circus Calliope) and 'Big Band' (which has great saxophone sounds) 

Deagan Electrovibes (1971)

Jennings Univox J6 (1954)

Selmer Clavioline Concert (1960)

Hammond Solovox J (1940)

Lowrey TLO-R Organ (1969)

Gem Jumbo 61 (1970)

Godwin String Concert SC (1974)

Weltmeister Claviset 200 (1965)

Hammond S6 Chord Organ (1958)

Philips Philicorda GM 751 Valve/Tube model (1966)

1930s Blonde Double Bass

Drum Mate 4 piece Drumkit (1964) + various cymbals (Zildjan, Paiste, Istanbul)


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