Vintage Keys Studio


Steinway A Grand Piano and Leutke Baby Grand Piano available for bespoke recordings with online session musicians




Our beautiful Steinway was made in 1911, and since then has spent the majority of its life in a local school (under lock and key), and was occasionally used for assemblies, musical productions and rehearsals. Our engineer Steve used to play on it as a child back in the 1980s.  It was fitted with a new soundboard by Steinway in 1987, and since its installation at Vintage Keys in 2017, has been expertly tuned and serviced by David Ashford. 

It is perfect for classical, jazz, pop or even avant garde.   

It has una corda, half pedal and sustain.

88 notes, tuned to concert A=440.



Our Leutke Baby Grand was made in around 1925, and rumour has it was featured in a selection of pop videos in the late 1970s and early 1980s as it belonged to a professional videographer.  When it was originally found in a lock up in early 2017, it had a prop prison door leaning up against it from the Ronnie Barker sitcom 'Porridge'.
the piano (nicknamed 'Penelope') has a fabulously deep, smooth tone.  Perfect for rock, pop and jazz.   It has been likened to the Herbie Hancock blue note sound by several visiting jazz pianists. Modelled here by Louisa. 

88 notes, una corda and sustain pedals, and regularly tuned to A=440


HOHNER Clavinet 'L' Model (circa 1968) 


This is the very rare Model L made in 1968, and was used by Don Shinn on the Dada album (with Elkie Brooks) in 1970.   It fell into severe disrepair over the years, and was almost forgotten about until we rediscovered it lurking at the back of a cupboard and sent it to Row Antiques for a full restoration! See this article on Row Antiques' website. Now fully working and ready for action!

Weltmeister Claviset 200 Electric Piano (circa 1965, Germany)

Weltmeister Claviset

A fabulous German electric piano from the 1960s, (also sold in a slightly hyped up, sparkly state in the UK as a 'Pianotron'), powered by two 4.5v batteries. It has 'tines' like a Fender Rhodes, but these are plucked by small rubber plectra rather than struck. It has a variety of filters which gives a warm celeste style sound, or  right through to the very extreme 'Music Box' tab which  delivers a brash ice cream van sound! The funky music stand is a repro we made with some wire (see the Weltmeister TO 200/5 which has an original.) We also made a sustain pedal for this out of an old Yamaha digital piano pedal and a bicycle brake cable, but eventually found a beautiful set of original pedals (mechanical sustain and a volume control). Photo is here.



ROGERS UPRIGHT PIANO (c.1965)  with Mandolin rail (tack piano sound), Mute rail and Paper effect rail.

Custom Piano Recording

A standard 85 note upright with some interesting modifications including a mandolin rail which makes it sound like a Saloon bar piano!