Vintage Keys Studio provides a bespoke piano and keyboard recording service via the internet. Any piece of music realised on piano, organ or synth and recorded with professional equipment to a high standard
Vintage Keys Studio

Vintage Keys Studio

Any piece of music can be recorded on a variety of acoustic, electric and digital pianos, as well as vintage organs, synths... even harpsichord!   Recordings are tailor made to suit your needs - any style, any file format - perfect for either backing tracks or to fit a great piano or keyboard part into your own project.   

If you have your own music you wish to have some keyboard parts added to, this is not a problem - just send the track you are working on, or a demo, and I will work out the music and send you a recording.  You can be as specific or non-specific as you like!

All recordings are made to a high audio standard. Mastering onto/off tape is also an option with our Studer B67 tape machine. 

Bespoke Piano Recording by Pianist Steve Christie - Any piece of music realised for piano and professionally recorded.

We also offer some sampled instruments (Kontakt 5 and up) with sounds taken from our keyboards at Vintage Keys for sale on our store page.