Vintage Keys Studio


Frequently Asked Questions


Can we visit and/or book your studio?

Yes, we have a three room studio set up in the New Forest. Bookings must be made in advance via email, and we require a contract and a deposit to be paid prior to any recording sessions. 

How do we book a "session"?

To book a session, we require a deposit payment up front, and the final balance will be due on the last day of recording. This can be made either using a bank transfer (BACS), or we can take credit or debit card payments with PayPal (using the 'send money to friends and family' option). Once the price and Job has been agreed, you will be emailed an invoice.  Once payment is received, you will receive a receipt.

What is your turnaround time?

For online based session work and backing tracks, we aim to get music recorded within 7 days of receiving payment.  You will be kept up to date with any changes.  If you are desperate for the recordings, please let us know when you book, and we will do our best to get them done as quickly as possible, even if it means working through the night! (which we invariably do!)

For recording and mixing work, this is entirely dependant on the nature of the recordings and how involved they are. 

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on the time it will take to record a session and the number of extra musicians involved (if any). All jobs are likely to be different, so please contact us with your requirements to receive a quote for a recording.   The price for piano recording or piano backing track (of a piece either from a recording or using sheet music) is £50 GBP. 

Can I request tweaks to a track once it's recorded?

For MIDI recordings, yes, notes can be changed, tempos altered.  For audio recordings, unless you specified something originally, and we missed it out, the only tweaks that can be done are to the post processing of audio (e.g. EQ, limiting)  Any "new notes" would class as a new recording.  If you are giving us 'free reign' on a new track (you may have written, for instance) - we usually provide a couple of recordings for you to choose from.   Please note, if you have a definite idea what you want, the safest option is to either send us a demo with a rough outline, or better still, the sheet music/score to work from.

Are your tracks covered by a UK PRS license?

Yes, we have a full PRS license to produce music by a third party for permanent download.

Once the recording is made, do we own it?

Yes, you will own full copyright in any sound recordings we provide, (provided you have paid for them!)  If any musicians perform on your tracks, you will be required to fill out an MU session agreement form (this doesn't cost you anything)

What file formats can you deliver?

We can provide files in any file format required (e.g. 16 or 24 bit 44.1 khz or 48 khz wav files, or higher, mp3, flac etc)

Can you provide the final tracks on an Audio CD?

Yes, this is free.

I have a [insert classic keyboard name here] , can you tell me how much it is worth?

We are able to offer a valuation service for a callout fee which is variable dependant on the distance required to travel.

I am looking for the schematic for a [insert classic keyboard name here], do you have a copy?

We hold original service manuals for many of the items of equipment we have, but ask for a donation of £20 for scans in PDF format. 

I have a [insert classic keyboard name here] I would like to sell, would you like to buy it?

We are on the lookout for a few instruments presently, but nothing that we already have please. If it is in our museum, we won't want to buy another. If it isn't, then please contact us.