Vintage Keys Studio

Piano Backing Tracks

Piano and MIDI Recording - a bespoke piano recording service for either backing tracks or solo piano pieces, recorded for you by a team of skilled professionals. We are able to play from music notation, or work out music and transcribe it from a recording, or even play an improvised track to fit with your music.  We have a variety of electric and acoustic piano sounds available.

Piano Backing Tracks

Bespoke Piano and MIDI Recording

Piano and MIDI Recording is available, and we are able to produce either backing tracks, a piano track to add to your own multitrack recording project, or even if you have a vague idea what  you'd like, but want us to provide you with an improvised track that will sound good ,then you've come to the right place!

Steve Christie is a professional pianist and accompanist, and is able to play from music notation or by ear, so if you send a rough recording, he will be able to work out the chords and harmonies for you, and provide you with a professional session piano recording! He can also transcribe music from a recording.  Check out his piano website here for some samples of his playing:

For the most part, MIDI based recordings are the most efficient way of recording a decent piano track if editing may be required, and we have some fantastic sample library pianos at our disposal, including an amazing Steinway B Grand.  All audio can be recorded at whatever sample rate you require, and any file type.   For all MIDI based recordings we undertake, you will also be provided with the MIDI file from the performance in case you want to change the piano sounds at a later date.   With midi piano recordings, we try to keep the realism in the performance rather than providing a wooden, lifeless, over-quantized midifile!   

We also have access to a variety of acoustic pianos available, including a lovely 60s studio piano, our Rogers upright with lots of character (and a Challen style 'mandolin' rail - tack piano sound.) We also have access to a modern Yamaha Upright, a Collard and Collard late victorian baby grand and a Steinway baby grand.   As some of these instruments are kept at various venues local to us , they are usable subject to access and availability.   All instruments are regularly tuned and maintained. 

Prices start from £50 for up to one hour's studio time.  Please contact Steve at for more information.