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About Vintage Keys Studio

Vintage Keys Studio is home to one of the largest working collections of rare and collectable organs and keyboards in the world. We are situated in a large house on the edge of the New Forest near Southampton, UK. Ranging from the 1939 Hammond Solovox, 1956 Ondioline, 1970 Optigan, to a 1974 Godwin String Concert with many in-between. We also house a beautiful 1911 Steinway A Grand Piano and a 1925 Leutke Baby Grand. We can produce bespoke Piano and keyboard tracks, backing tracks, small or large ensemble recordings with session musicians provided if required. Our team is able to help with all aspects of music making, including songwriting, arranging, transcriptions and scoring. Whilst we recognise the need to keep up with modern digital recording standards, we have a relaxed, informal studio atmosphere that uses as much analog and refurbished vintage equipment as possible.

Inspired by Joe Meek's famous 304 Holloway Road studio and famous studios such as Abbey Road and Olympic, we have spent many years perfecting our sound, trying to move away from clinical multi-mono recordings with digital effects, to a natural, warm analog sound. Our experience has shown us that the key to successful, great sounding recording, is to trust your ears. Amongst our recording equipment, we use vintage tube units such as a 1960 Vortexion 15/4/M mic preamp/mixer and an RCA Orthophonic Preamp LMI 32215, with various clone units made in-house.

Steinway Grand Piano Recording Online

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  • Steinway Grand Piano Recording, Hammond Organ, 1956  Georges Jenny Ondioline, Jennings Univox J6, Clavioline Concert and Session Recording Available from our Online Service

  • Recording Studio available in New Forest area, UK with Professional Session Musicians and Experienced Studio Engineer

  • Mobile Recording for Small Ensembles, Bands and Orchestras

  • MIDI files and High Quality wave files recorded for you to import into your recording projects

  • Intuitive playing, jazz improvisation, score production, music arranging and music transcription services all available.

  • Professional Session Musicians including Singers, Pianists, Cellist, Violinist, Jazz and Rock Drums, Bassist, Saxophonists, Flautists, Vintage Keyboards, Vintage Mics, Mixing, CD Mastering, Vintage Keyboard Repairs

Client Testimonials

"I was looking for a piano track and searched the web for someone who could record remotely and send me the wav file. Steve from Vintage Keys did a beautiful piano track for me. I will definitely use again." - Danny Hooper (Piano recording for Singer/Songwriter)  

"Sounds amazing, so emotional. Thanks for the great effort." - Sunil (Banghra Piano and Strings recording)

"Thank you very much for the tracks, they are absolutely excellent.    Thank you again Steve for the astounding musical pieces that you have made" - Stefano (Piano reductions of David Bowie songs with transcriptions of Mick Ronson guitar solo)

"Awesome Hammond playing, sir! It has enhanced our album beyond words! Thank you!" - Boz  (Prog rock Hammond Organ recording - very loud and growlly!)

"Thank You very much for this, sounds absolutely perfect! I have no doubt I will end up using your services again in the future." - Beki (Piano accompaniment)

Grand Piano Tracks

Any piece of music can be recorded on a variety of acoustic, electric and digital pianos, and harpsichord!  

Piano parts, backing tracks, accompaniments, bespoke soundtrack music for film, tv, radio and the web. Enquire for more details.

  • 7 day turnaround for individual tracks

  • Easy file transferral via our own secure password protected client area on our website

  • BACS and PayPal are our accepted methods of payment

Recordings are tailor made to suit your needs - any style, any file format - perfect for either backing tracks or to fit a great piano or keyboard part into your own project.   

If you have your own music you wish to have some keyboard parts added to - we can help. Just send the track you are working on, or a demo, and we will work out the music and send you a recording.  You can be as specific or non-specific as you like!

We also offer female and male vocalists, drums, sax, flute and other instrument recordings, as well as a music arranging and transcription service - email or call for details.